Established in 2010

Trifecte is committed to the production and development of bathroom products, using high-quality materials to produce products that put consumers at ease.  Trifecte began by focusing on kitchen tools, including faucets, garbage disposals, and cooktops, and later on the category of bathroom showers. We are constantly expanding our research and development field, aiming to bring our customers a comfortable bathroom and kitchen environment and experience. Trifecte regularly updates the products to make sure our products keep up with the time.

We believe that bathroom and kitchen is no longer just a space to solve our physical needs and personal hygiene. Bathroom is more like a private space for people to relax physically and mentally. Cooking is a great way to enhance the emotional connection of your family.

We look forward to your stay.


Trifecte is committed to creating a stylish and comfortable bathroom environment. The use of elegant and simple design and high quality materials make them not only as living utensils, but also as harmonious home decorations.


Reliable global leading professional designer bathroom and kitchen brand provider, leading the trend.


  • Trifecte promise to always provide safe, high-quality products made with premium materials.
  • We pledge to remain committed to reducing our carbon footprint by applying efficient processes in the workplace to conserve energy and resources.

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